Getting It Together

I’ll be honest. I think I have this parenting, homemaker thing all messed up. Is it wrong I just packed my daughter Nacho Cheeze Doritoes and fruit roll up for her lunch and my two kids ate dinner last night at our theatre while mom and dad taught class. We are horrible at family dinner. First, we all eat something different due to food intolerances and sensory issues, and we are all hungry at different times. So, let’s see healthy lunches and family dinner are not on my family’s radar. But, we do spend a ton of time together. I mean like aside from school, all our time together. Is that wierd? We seem to enjoy each other’s company most of the time, until the two start fighting over being the center of attention. Then all h e double hockey sticks break loose.

I can’t seem to get the two of them to share or not do something to get under the other’s skin. Maybe it is a brother, sister thing. One minute they are screaming and crying at each other, the next minute she is asking if she can go watch tv with him in his bedroom. Their’s is a love/hate relationship. A little arguing is healthy for the soul yes? And hey, they are at least healthy and strong enough to have opinions and to be able to fight for those and I thank God every day.

Now, this homemaking business is a total other story. I have a cobweb in my house that extends from a loft window all the way across the room to another wall. That’s just gross. I try all these great diy projects I see on pinterest but most of these are epic fails for me and I don’t understand why. I try to follow the instructions to a t. Kind of like when I was trying to redo our home office and make homework desks for the kids out of recycled cabinet doors from our laundry room, I went to home depot and bought brackets to attach them to the wall and got drywall screws and thought I even installed in the wall studs. 3 months later they come crashing down and left huge holes in my wall. Uh, can you say epic fail? Oh well, it is nothing a little spackle, sanding and paint won’t cover up. Never fear Ikea to the rescue. I should have just gone there in the first place.

I truly think it is so important to take pride in where you live and to want to have a nice place for friends and family to come and visit. I just don’t know if everyone is cut out to be a diy expert. I’m okay with that. i can teach any kid how to tap dance or sing, just don’t ask me to create cute little cubbies for my playroom. I just can’t even.



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